Sovereign Radiology provides a new perspective in medical imaging. Our service is focused on patient centered care, individually tailoring examinations to the needs of our patients.

Our team of medical professionals is committed to providing personalised and first class care for our patients and referring clinicians. Sovereign Radiology is an independently owned radiology practice, meaning that we have the ability to make decisions that best serve our patients and referring clinicians.

Sovereign Radiology strives to be recognised as the leading provider of diagnostic imaging services to the community of Ballarat and surrounding areas.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
8.30am – 5.30pm


can accurately predict your risk of a heart attack.

Meet our radiology team

In an era when there is an increasing expectation that Radiologists have sub-specialist skills (for example in MRI or interventional radiology), the Sovereign Radiology team is highly qualified and use the latest technology and techniques.

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Nuclear Medicine Updates Via Zoom

COVID-19 and 2020 has taught us all a lot of new things. One of those…

Sovereign Radiology: Facet joint injections

Facet Joint Injections are a CT guided interventional procedure used to treat chronic back pain.…

Sovereign Radiology Introduces Shear Wave Elastography

Beyond being a marker of injury, liver fibrosis plays a direct role in the pathogenesis…

Clinical Applications expanded in CT examinations

Sovereign Radiology has recently added new functionalities to our CT machine. Clinical applications include: the ability to detect stroke earlier and calcium scoring, to more accurately predict cardiovascular disease. In this video, Dr David McKenna also explains an example of how the new software allows more accurate follow-up for cancer patients.

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