‘Huge leap’ in prostate cancer testing

Dr Simon Ussher
Dr Simon Ussher

A recent study published in the reputable English medical journal, The Lancet, has shown that the biggest leap in diagnosing prostate cancer “in decades” has been made using new MRI scanning equipment.

Sovereign Radiology’s Dr Simon Ussher, who has a special interest in MRI of the prostate, is pleased that this technology is now becoming seen as the gold standard in diagnosing prostate cancer. “This is cutting-edge technology that provides exquisitely detailed images of the prostate gland, allowing us to be more confident than ever in the diagnoses we are providing”,  says Dr Ussher.

Fortunately, the male population of Ballarat has this screening service available on their door step at Sovereign Radiology (1017 Howitt Street, Wendouree). Enquiries should be made to your GP or urologist.

Read the full article here: http://bbc.in/2iQPicN